VivaTech the show where mobility is in the spotlight

Europe’s largest Tech gathering opens today. Organized by Publicis and Le Groupe Les Echos-Le Parisien, Vivatech opens with a chapter entirely dedicated to new forms of mobility.

A program that mixes new mobility and tech

Renault will be present in force with sessions specially dedicated to the ambitions of the diamond in Software. The opportunity to listen to the main architects of the French manufacturer’s Mobility program. The brand will be represented by its CEO Luca de Meo and also the head of the software department Frédéric Angeli who was notably product manager of the My Renault application.

Brand new brands will be present such as TOGG and Lucid Motors. This is a first in France. Lucid Motors has been present for a few months in Germany but this is the first time that they will be present at a French show. TOGG is a brand on which information is extremely weak but no doubt that its CEO Gürcan Karakas will be able to say more.

To continue on the future of mobility. Volocopter will also be present with a still very impressive product: the flying taxi. A product that must certainly be seen to convince about the infrastructure that the product needs to work.

A surprise never seen on the show

For once, Audi made a surprise at this show. Indeed, the brand and its CEO France Lahouari Bennaoum will take the opportunity to communicate on the “Skyphere” concept. We don’t know what it is yet, but if you attend Vivatech, you will!

Definitely and for all the manufacturers present, the angle is that of the software. We expect many demonstrations.

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