War in Ukraine: billionaire Elon Musk sends computer equipment to kyiv

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The Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation had appealed to Elon Musk in recent days.

The boss of Tesla and SpaceX, like other players in the technology sector, reacted to the events unfolding in Ukraine.

Last weekend he pledged to help Ukrainians, in response to a call from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation to him on Twitter.

“While you are trying to colonize Mars – Russia is trying to occupy Ukraine! While your rockets are flying into space – Russia is sending missiles at the Ukrainian people. We ask you to provide Ukraine Starlink stations and,” he wrote on Twitter on February 26.

On Monday, the Deputy Prime Minister posted a photo on Twitter showing a load of equipment. These networks ensure that people residing in areas with poor network coverage can access the Internet, thanks to small satellites that circulate in orbit around the Earth.

The importance of Internet access is all the greater for Ukraine since the war launched by Russia is not only on land, it is also being played out virtually. Even before sending its tanks to Ukraine, Russia had launched cyberattacks against several Ukrainian ministries and companies.

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