Warning: Elon Musk is set to play the bad guys in 3 video games!

Elon Musk looks like a villain out of a superhero movie or the ultimate enemy you face in your favorite video game and fight to defeat. He’s neither, but the revered CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and now Twitter has been called an antagonist on numerous occasions.

Since the billionaire bought the social media company, the heat from his haters or people who simply can’t stand him has increased, especially because of the decisions he has made since arriving at the bird’s offices, such as the controversial Twitter Blue, a subscription service , for which users must pay between 8 and 11 dollars.

Elon has previously confessed his passion for video games, such as when he released his construction of Elden Ring, a title he called a work of art.

We’ve created three hypothetical titles where Elon Musk could be the villain, all from well-known industry franchises such as Far Cry, Pokémon and Uncharted. We share them below.

Like a raging megalomaniac: Far Cry 7

Elon Musk takes control of a developing country to strengthen his position in the space race. He ends up losing his mind to the point where he founded his own empire on Mars.

Leads a secret group: Pokémon Twitter / TikTok

Elon Musk founds a group called Team Verified with which he seeks to buy all social networks and thus prevent anyone from revealing new Pokémon in the future.

Like a Superstitious Billionaire: Uncharted 5

Elon Musk is building a private army to travel to the remotest caves of the Himalayas, following a legend about a source of eternal life.

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