What is the most beautiful snake in the world? Top 10

The snake is the cold-blooded animal probably the most feared and hated in the world. However, many are passionate about this reptile. And we can understand them when we observe the beauty of these 10 species of snakes that are considered to be the most beautiful in the world.

The world is certainly made of paradoxes, for among these most beautiful snakes in the world there are some that are particularly dangerous. Without further ado, discover the Top 10.

9 – The blue racer

Blue Racer is an unusually beautiful snake. Unfortunately, it is endangered. This beautiful snake has beautiful colors Gray blue Where Gray green. Able to move at great speed, this species does not qualify as” agile “ by coincidence.

The Blue Racer, one of the snakes of the world

The Blue Racer likes to roam the prairies of the US, South America and Canada on his more than 1.50 meters long.

8 – The Brazilian rainbow boa

It is a species similar to the iridescent shieldtail. Unlike its Indian cousin, the Brazilian rainbow boa shows one amber color.

Brazilian Rainbow Boa, one of the snakes of the world

Present in South America, this sublime snake can reach up to 1.80 meters long.

7 – The iridescent shield tail

Also known as the two-lined black shieldtail, this snake is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful around. It owes this specificity to its iridescent black color with a yellow stripe in the middle of the belly. It is also one of the most colorful snakes in the world.

The Two Lined Black Shieldtail, one of the most beautiful snakes in the world

However, we do not have much information about the Rainbow Shieldtail as only a few specimens have been found in India.

6 – The Burmese albino snake

This second most beautiful snake in the world is more present in Southeast Asia. This species stands out from the others for its enormous size and unusual coloration. In addition to its whiteness, the Burmese albino snake is adorned with yellow spots. This is what makes it easy to recognize.

The albino Burmese snake, one of the world's snakes

As an albino species this snake exhibits depigmented irises. Most often these are red or pink in color.

5 – The Honduran milk snake

Like other species milk hose lives in North and South America. This sublime species is also present in Canada. It takes its name from popular belief who says she would be able to suckle the udder of cows.

Honduran milk snake, Burmese albino snake

In addition to being particularly beautiful, the Honduran milk snake poses no danger to humans. He is also famous for his docile side and his beautiful color Mandarin.

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4 – Texas White Rat Snake

The white rat snake is only found in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. by nature non-toxic, this species can still bite you if you get too close. The Texas White Rat Snake is, as the name suggests, an all-white species with perfectly pigmented irises. This detail distinguishes it from albino snakes.

Texas White Rat Snake

Its beautiful color is also due leucisma deficit of pigment cells that we can observe in certain animal species such as the white tiger.

3 – The Eastern Indigo Snake

This third most beautiful snake in the world is characterized by its remarkable blue color. Non-venomous, this species lives mainly in the United States. The eastern indigo snake also presents as longest snake in North America. It can be more than 2 meters 60 long.

The Eastern Indigo Snake

This reptile is also one of them cannibal species as it happens to eat its congeners. If its color appears black at first glance, the eastern indigo snake takes on its true blue hue when exposed to daylight.

2 – The coral snake

It is the most beautiful snake in its group, but also one of the most toxic. It can be between 50 centimeters and 2 meters long, depending on the species (more than 82 species). This dangerous sample is usually dressed in one color red, with black and yellow rings for some. For information, the bright color of this species is a warning to other animals. She tells them it’s a very dangerous animal.

The coral snake, one of the most beautiful snakes in the world

This reptile lives in the tropical forests of northern South America and in part of Brazil. It is also present in Africa and Asia. This amazon beauty is undoubtedly the most magnificent of the snakes of the same genus.

1 – The emerald python or emerald tree python

L’Emerald Tree Python or the emerald python presents itself as the most beautiful snake in the world. It is mainly observed in the countries of the Amazon river basin and in the tropical rainforests of the various countries of South America. The emerald python is approx 1.6 meters long. This species owes its name to the color of its skin of green jade, similar to jasper. To this shade are added sublime white spots corresponding to snowflakes.

The emerald python, one of the most beautiful snakes in the world

Besides being beautiful, the emerald python is a surprisingly powerful animal. This species lives on branches all year round and can use the leaves to hide. As a mighty beast, the Emerald Tree Python is one particularly dangerous predator. If you are lucky enough to see one, stand back and admire its beauty from afar!

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