What “sea monster” could be behind this attack?

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published by Hugo Plassot-Moizan on June 11, 2022 at 7:36 p.m.

He us there are still many things to discover in the sea and the oceans. Further proof of this happened in the Oak Island region of Canada. Indeed, a user has published a photo ofa shark cut in half on a beach. It showed the front of the animal’s body sliced ​​perfectly in half, with no specific traces of blood. So arises the reason for this discovery and above all what could be the cause of this shark death.

cut in two

A macabre discovery

On the small island of Oak Island, on the east coast of Canada, a walker made a most intriguing discovery. On the beach, he discovered a shark cut in half with only the upper part present on the shoreline. He directly shared his photo on the Reddit forum to have the opinion of the community and especially to know what could be the origin of this shark corpse. The more the discussion progressed, the more the idea of ​​a sea monster began to emerge.

The victim shark would be an “Atlantic Sharpnose” . A hypothesis made “based on the shape of the nose, the white spots and the dark back of the dorsal fin”. The discussions went well and several avenues were ruled out, such as that of a possible tragic encounter with the propeller of a boat. Others quipped that it wasn’t the coral reef or even Jack the Ripper.

Who is the killer?

Among the most plausible hypotheses regarding this case of shark death, we find the attack by one of its congeners. According to Professor Mark Meekan of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, all sharks are cannibals, even the fearsome great white sharks. The most probable idea would therefore be an attack bya shark much larger than the victim.

However, found a white shark in this region of Canada is quite rare. Indeed, Oak Island is located in an arc of a circle and especially in the Atlantic Ocean. An ocean considered much more inhospitable for this kind of species.

It remains to be seen what is at the origin of this strange attack.

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