When Rohff challenges Elon Musk!

Rohff challenges Elon Musk about the microblogging network!

The nightmare of French rap has just made a comeback in a freestyle for Booska-P entitled ” Master class“. During this time, a certain Elon MuskSouth African billionaire and owner ofAmazonbought Twitter. And heads fell one after another. The new owner of the blue bird has begun a real purge.

After the release of his title, the rapper of 94 welcomed the positive feedback especially on instagram but on Twitter, Rohff got a lot of negative feedback. He questioned Elon Musk on this subject : ” Only positive and objective comments on YouTube and Insta so it’s only on Twitter that it rages in fake accounts with 0 or 5 subscribers, wesh @elonmusk will really have to remove these bot options capable of creating fake accounts, fake comments under our post. Oh the weak. »

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