While you wait for volatility, Good Morning Trading by Benoist Rousseau

Nasdaq was examined at the two levels at which we had studied together Good morning trading Monday morning. I was surprised because I expected us to reach these levels rather on Wednesday or Thursday. But we got them, they worked perfectly, so we shouldn’t complain, on the contrary! Now, finding entry points is getting harder as this trading day passes without major announcements or major macroeconomic results. Therefore, it will definitely be a trade off tidy highly technical and with volatility is probably quite low.


On these types of days, like yesterday, there can be a good opportunity to seize day trading. It really is a dull and slow time.

Do you see volatility on the horizon? I see nothing but the shining sun and the green grass

Good morning trading

I wish you an excellent trading day, a lot of patience above all, see you tomorrow on Good Morning Trading live at eight o’clock,

Good for you,

Benoist Rousseau

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Benoist Rousseau graduated from the Paris-Sorbonne University in contemporary economic history and from the AMF’s Professional Certification of Financial Market Actors. He was a history teacher for 12 years before becoming a real estate agent. A former financial investment advisor, he is also an author. His book “Become Trader Pro” has been the number 1 seller in the stock market category for many months. He is a regular speaker on TV Finance and various media and is followed by more than 150,000 people on social networks.

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