Why is Russian TV watching Europeans eat their pets for Christmas 2023?

Kremlin TV broadcast a decidedly anti-European Christmas clip.

This is the most provocative Christmas message broadcast by Russia Today TV, which clearly wishes Europeans the worst for 2023. We wish the anti-Russians a Merry Christmas and invite Europeans to tune into the channel to find out the truth, this promotional clip shows a Western European family (the father, mother, and little girl) going through three consecutive Christmases: in Christmas 2021, the house is lit and heated, and the little girl gets a hamster for Christmas; in Christmas 2022, the house is unheated and dimly lit, alluding to gas shortages and the energy crisis stemming from the war in Ukraine; finally, in Christmas 2023, the family comforts themselves in the cold around a simple soup, seasoned for the holiday by… the little girl’s hamster, sacrificed for the occasion.

A propaganda clip more than advertisement, and blatantly anti-European, which is not even “good war”. And who promises the Europeans that the worst is yet to come in 2023.

However, Russia Today admits that for Christmas 2022 the Europeans have shown ingenuity, since to light up it is the hamster that, by turning the wheel, fed the dynamo that gave the light…

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