Why would Elon Musk want to make research pay off?

The answer was long overdue. Elon Musk has finally responded to the results of the poll he had launched, asking users if he should leave the direction of Twitter. To which 57.5% of voters, or 17 million accounts, answered yes. “I will quit as soon as I find someone crazy enough to replace me,” tweeted the new owner of the platform.

But before this official reaction, Elon Musk made another announcement by replying to one of his followers. On the proposal to reserve the votes on the policy of the social network only to holders of the blue badge who pay, the billionaire replied: “Good point. Twitter will make this change. »

Encourage users to purchase a paid subscription

Why is this a good idea? Offering the ability to launch or respond to a survey only to holders of the “Twitter Blue” subscription, which was finally implemented on December 12 at a cost of eight dollars a month, would help diversify the platform’s sources of income. “Financially, the company is doing very badly,” recalls Emmanuelle Patry, founder of Social Media Lab and specialist in social network analysis.

Elon Musk himself has repeatedly declared that Twitter is on the verge of bankruptcy. The company’s revenue is 90% dependent on advertising. But as we explained here, the main advertisers have deserted. And since Elon Musk’s takeover, the company has been mired in debt.

“Making surveys a benefit reserved for paying members can encourage users to subscribe to a subscription,” says Emmanuelle Patry. Because it is a very effective interaction tool that creates a lot of virality. It would be like a permission given to certain profiles to have more performance. Afterwards, will this be enough to encourage Internet users to pay? »

The hunt for new investors

The social media specialist does not understand the strategy of Elon Musk, whose image has further deteriorated after the recent controversies about the suspension of reports from journalists who tracked his jet or the ban on promoting other platforms. “I don’t see how his decisions can help Twitter get better. And above all, everything is a lot [trop ?] quick. We are in a constant sense of urgency. It’s as if he wanted to torpedo the network. »

Meanwhile, the boss, who has already spent 44 billion dollars to afford the blue bird, took his pilgrimage stick to find new investors. According to a study by the American media Semafor, spotted by Le Figarothat family office thus, the billionaire has been looking for funds and personalities ready to buy Twitter shares before the end of the year at the price of their acquisition ($54.20 per unit). And Elon Musk is said to have traveled to Qatar for the World Cup finals to seek financial partners.

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