With his “peace plan”, Elon Musk drops the mask

The appearance of Elon Musk’s “peace plan” on Twitter [lundi 3 octobre] confirms it once again: we must not create idols.

One of the richest men in the world has therefore just proposed to Ukraine to be neutral. Certainly, but so that, in a few years, when we will finally be rid of this war, a new one can begin, with the same participants. In addition, in the annexed regions, Musk proposes the holding of elections under the aegis of the United Nations. As if Russia was willing to leave if people expressed a wish. And one more incredible idea: supplying water to Crimea. It is the same discourse that has been broadcast by the Russian media and propaganda for years. And his ultimate proposal: that Crimea remain part of the Russian Federation, because it seems like that was before Khrushchev’s mistake.

It’s surprising, where does this knowledge of history come from in Elon Musk? He who endorses Putin’s appeal to the Russians of February 21, 2022: “Khrushchev for some reason offered Crimea to Ukraine. Why give this generous gift that even the most extreme nationalists would not have dreamed of? You cannot change the events of the Soviet past, but you have to talk about them openly.”

Let us draw the necessary conclusions. We are very grateful to Starlink for our successes on the front lines. It is a revolutionary technology that has given Ukrainians an edge on the battlefield. It suffices to recall how our Mi-8 helicopters delivered ammunition and Starlink access modules to besieged Mariupol. Thanks to this, with heavy fighting in the background, the whole world could follow the exclusive interviews of Redis, Kalyna and Volyna [surnoms de trois des commandants des défenseurs d’Azovstal]. All this has triggered the mechanism of tremendous support for the Ukrainian army, with weapons, money, training in accordance with the standards of

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