Yule log: Cyril Lignac’s recipe

Are you looking for a fantastic Christmas log to delight your guests this Christmas? You will definitely love Cyril Lignac’s recipe.

Christmas log: Cyril Lignac’s gourmet recipe!

At Christmas, we don’t say no to a good Christmas log at the end of the meal. Hard to miss, this cake will please all guests! But between the different versions of the essential dessert and all the possible flavors… The Christmas log that we spent hours preparing is not always unanimous.

Fortunately, Cyril Lignac provided his easy, quick and delicious recipe to please the whole family with easy-to-find ingredients. Quickly discover the preparation steps.

How to make a perfectly rolled biscuit?

Preparing the Christmas log at home can seem a bit complicated. Our best pastry chef would like to reassure you by explaining that “it’s quite possible”. You just need to master the preparation of the rolled biscuit, the bottom of the ​​log: “It’s not that complicated if you have the right recipe, cook it very slowly, not too long, and put it in a damp cloth. he declares.

To get a very homogeneous and regular rolled biscuit, and to facilitate the design of the cake… Cyril Lignac advises to use a “silicone plate with edge”. Baking the biscuit only takes five minutes at 210 degrees.

To find out if the biscuit is ready and above all very soft, the chef revealed his trick: “you have to touch it with your finger and the biscuit should rise”. Attention ! The demolding phase remains the most important. The chef advises to prepare a damp cloth on which you will cast the wood. “The water and heat enable the biscuit to retain its moisture”. This therefore helps to roll the stem.

The delicious Yule log recipe by Cyril Lignac

The delicious Yule log recipe by Cyril Lignac

To prepare this Christmas log, here are the ingredients. You need 2 egg yolks, 3 whole eggs. Also 6 egg whites, 220 g sugar, 85 g flour. For the cream, you must use 25 cl of liquid cream, 125 g of mascarpone, 65 g of sugar and chocolate shavings.

The steps in the recipe!

The steps in the recipe!

For this Christmas logo recipe, preheat the oven to 210°C. Then prepare the first dough in a bowl by pouring egg yolks, whole eggs and 135 g of sugar. Then beat it all together and add the flour.

Prepare the second dough, beat the egg whites until stiff, add the remaining 85 g of sugar in two batches. Then add the egg whites to your first batter. Then spread the dough on a silicone baking sheet and bake at 210°C for 5 minutes.

Form the rolled biscuit from your log onto a damp cloth. Let it cool completely and prepare a stracciatella whipped cream. Mix flour, mascarpone, sugar and whipped cream. Then add the chocolate shavings to the whipped cream. Finally, spread the stracciatella cream on the biscuit and roll it carefully.

Use the remaining stracciatella cream to cover the Christmas tree and sprinkle with chocolate shavings.

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